Cement is typically made from Lime Stone and Clay or Shale. These raw materials are extracted from Quarry crushed to very fine powder and then blended in the correct proportions. The blended raw material called as Raw Field or Kiln field is heated in a Rotary Kiln where it reaches a temperature of about 1400° C to 1500°C and the Rotary Kiln is dipped up to 200 Meters long and up to 600 Meters diameter.

Mac Marketing Corporation offers the Bearings for such harsh environments keeping in mind the factors such as dust, which is the main factor reducing the life of Bearings. The Bearings can be supplied with certain Sealing System or Maintenance-free products thereby not damaging the Bearings quickly and ensuring higher life and lesser maintenance for such applications.

Mac Marketing Corporation is pleased to also customize and also supply the Bearings for challenging applications in this line of field and are available on request.

The Bearings for Pulverizer being one of the critical applications in the Cement Industry are also supplied as a Key Solution for longer life for Cement production keeping in mind their robust and dusty environment this Industry has to offer.

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Mac Marketing Corporation also offers large dia Bearings for Cement Bag Loaders wherein dust playing a major role, can damage the Bearings during the transportation of the same bags. The special seals are required in the Bearing ensures higher life of the Bearings in order to reduce the running cost for such same bag loading machines. Please feel free to contact us to learn more.

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The Paper Plant also known as Paper Mill is a Factory devoted for making Paper from the vegetable Fibres, such as, Wood Pulps, Old Rags and other Ingredients using a Four Drynier Machine or other type of Paper Machines.

Mac Marketing Corporation offers Bearings for such Paper Mills keeping in mind the environment in which these Bearings operate. Mac Marketing Corporation supplies Bearings for Paper Machines to only ease of mounting and dismounting, reliability and dependability, corrosion resistant Bearings for such environment, high temperatures during the manufacturing stages and precision required for such machines. The Rolling Bearings, which are required to support the numerous roles during the paper production are critical and are supplied keeping in mind the specific industry. Please feel free to contact for a more customized and are standard bearings to suit your respective needs:-