The Steel Industry is a specific segment, which requires the Bearings of High Quality and Reliability. These would include high temperature and high life Bearings, so as to avoid frequent breakdown of the running plants.

The Bearings offered by Mac Marketing keep in mind these facts to appreciate that if a production line is on hold, it amounts to huge losses of outputs in their products. We offer standard and customized Bearings for such critical applications so as to avoid frequent, breakdown and maintenance. There by ensuring higher running and production outputs for Steel Plants. Our Bearings find applications in various sectors of Steel Plant as follows:-

  • Steel Melting Shops

  • Hot Strip Mill

  • Cold Rolling Mill

  • Blast Furnaces

  • Bar and Rod Mills

  • Continuous Steel Castings

  • Sintered Plants


For cold and hot rolling mills (high temperature), Steel Plant, with some Applications as under:

Support bearings for Long Shaftings

  • Bearings and Track Rollers for Sintering Plants and Furnace
  • Wheels and Track Rollers for Conveyors
  • Bearings for Continuous Casting
  • Bearings for Universal Shafts
  • Bearing for Rolling Beds
  • Roll Neck Bearings of Back-up Rolls and Work Rolls
  • Bearings for Straightening and Flattening Machines
  • Bearings for Trimming Machines
  • Laddle Turret Bearings

Also available bearings for Sendzimir Mill, Lurgi, SMS, Mannesmann Demag, Wein United, Innse, Milano (Italy), Usinor, Mardick (France), Silmer, Marseille (France), Danieli, Udine (Italy), Pomini Farrell, Castellanze (Italy), British Steel, Solmer/ Usinor, Kloeckner, Thyssen Krupp, Bethleem Steel, Voest Alpine, Boheler, etc.

The following are the different types of products we supply for the Steel Industry giving continuous on site support, peace of mind and flexibility to use our Products, which can be also customized to suit your various needs. Some size/dimensions of Bearings can be supplied with increased load carrying capacity and temperature to improve the life of the Bearings and giving the Customer peace of mind during the production time.