Spherical Plain Bearings and Rod ends

Spherical Plain Bearings and Rod ends


MAC offers rod ends and spherical plain bearings are assembled machine parts to DIN ISO 12240 (formerly DIN 648), ready for installation, they are used to guarantee the unproblematic movement between shaft and housing, especially where the movement is not directly linear


Spherical Plain Bearing

MAC offers range of spherical bearings including variety of bearings made specifically for critical application from various combinations of materials of the inner and the outer race to various clamping sprockets on the outer race for easy fitments for aerospace Industry without compromising on quality and precision.

Mac also supplies special bearings for the Aerospace industry including bearings for Landing Gears, Leavers for Gas Turbine Engines, along with the special material leavers made out of Nickel Base alloy. The bearings fitted in these levers are with MOS2 dry lubrication.


Rod Ends

MAC offers Rod Ends, spherical and special parts with range from 2mmØ to 420mmØ, operating temperatures from -150°C to – 500°C and materials, stainless steel 440C, 420 C, 316, 304, 303, 17.4Ph and Bearings steel 100Cr6, hardened ground Wear Faces Treated with PTFE liner or Mos2 for Self-Lubrication.

Rod ends consist of an eye-shaped head with integral shank that forms housing for a spherical plain bearing. As a rule, rod ends are available with left or right-hand female (internal) or male (external) threads.

Mac also offers ROD ENDS with special materials including light weight Titanium material can be supplied upon request. Our Rod Ends sizes ranges from 4mm ID up to a maximum of 500mm OD. Any specialized Rod Ends can also be manufactured as per drawing in various material combinations. Please feel free to contact us with your specific requests or standard parts.

Our variety of Linkages also include Turn Buckle and Connecting Rod having Rod Ends on either ends or shielded on either ends as per customer’s drawings and request i.e., strut assembly with rod ends. This could be supplied in anodized aluminum mid-section (Fully machined and threaded inserts).


Commercial Quality Spherical Plain Bearing and Rod End


MAC offers to the complete broad band of mid-sized companies in the areas of machine-, plant- and vehicle manufacturing.


Special corrosion resistant parts are used in the marine application area and the food processing and chemical industry.


Our customers are service companies, OEM’s and components producers. Other producers of various equipment are added.


Rod ends are also available for specific applications, for example where a rod end is attached to the end of a piston rod or at the base of a hydraulic cylinder. For those applications, MAC offers rod ends with slotted shank and a compressible threaded section or with a “welding shank”, means a shank suitable for welding to another component


Applications:  Cranes, Automobiles, Pneumatic & Hydraulic, food industry, Printing Machinery, Textile, Mining, Bottling Machines, Packing Industries, Automation, construction equipment etc.