Roller Screws

Roller Screws (Rodriguez Germany)

Roller screws are available in two general versions. A roller screw can be equipped with satellite-rollers and is combining a ground screw, a nut and the satellite-rollers. Both, the screw and the nut have a multithreaded thread profile with flank angles of 90. The satellite-rollers are guided by sprockets and kept in a defined distance from each other that way. Roller screws are available with and without preload. To protect from dirt or dust, roller screw nuts can be equipped with wipers made from PA66.

Roller screws with roller circulations do not use satellite-rollers. They are using rollers with grooves on their outside diameter, which are arranged with the distance of the relative pitch. They offer relatively small pitches even with big screw-diameters and achieve high positioning-accuracies and repeat-abilities, as well as a high efficiency

The characteristics of rollers crews are:

High axial load capacity by the use of thread-rollers and the resulting contact areas, as well as the amount of contact points

High speed, high acceleration

High axial rigidity

High positioning-accuracies and repeat-abilities with short strokes Dimensions according to customer drawings.

Roller screws with reduced load-capacity is also available. Roller screws are also available with flange-nuts. Further we also offer special nuts following customer-drawing.