Mac offers various types of Pillow Blocks. They comprise of plastic and stainless steel housings, which are interchangeable to most known housing manufacturers and therefore keep use in existing operating machinery.

The housings are non split type and the inner diameter is spherical. Up to ± 5° misalignment is possible. Though the standard stainless steel type, nipple lubrication is possible. In case of re lubrication, misalignment should not exceed 2.5°.

The bolt holes are specified to DIN 912. Pillow Blocks have slotted holes are easier installation. All plastic housing bolt holes have stainless steel bushings for extra strength and corrosion resistance. The plastic housing standard colour is green – however for bigger quantities, other colours are available.

The plastics housings are corrosion free, have a smooth surface and therefore, easy to clean. Ideal in the following applications:-

Food Indsutry:

  • Meat
  • Milk and Milk by Products
  • Breweries
  • Bakeries

Also in :

  • Filling Machines
  • Paper Industry
  • Printing Machines
  • Chemical Industries
  • Pharmaceutical etc.
    All housings can be supplied with 2 bearing options.

Type SS

Stainless Steel (1.4112) with double rubber/ stainless steel seal for the bearing inserts.

Type PNS

Plastic plain bearing

Temperature range

The plastic housings can be used in a temperature range from -35° up to 102°C.

Plastic Housing Units

PPL  Pillow Block Units

UCPL Pillow Block Units (Bottom Thread)

FPL  4 Hole Flange Units

NFL  2 Hole Flange Units

TPL  Take Up Units

HPL  Hanger Units

UC+PNS  Stainless Steel & POM Bearings

SK/SKD BS  Safety Caps + Back Seal

Stainless Steel Housing Units

F 4 Hole Flange Housing Units

FL 2 Hole Flange Housing Units

P Pillow Block Units

PA Pillow Block Units (Bottom Thread)