Ceramic Bearings

Ceramic Bearings

MAC offers high precision spindle and turbine bearings and now offers a new range of ultra-precision, super high-speed spindle bearings with CERAMIC BALLS. These Hybrid ceramic ball bearings are now being extensively considered where applications critical on speed, temperature and on reliability. The results have been very encouraging. These bearings have numerous applications in machine tools like CNC machining centre, CNC grinding centre, CNC milling machine, Swivelling machine and rotating articulation of robot arm and turbines too.

The ceramic bearings have a high advantage over conventional bearings.

Convectional bearing is limited when operating at high temperatures, in a vacuum, or in a corrosive environment. All ceramic bearing has proven to be ideally suited for these extreme applications.

Zirconium oxide (ZrO2) and silicon nitride (Si3N4) are typical material used in all the ceramic bearings. Both provide excellent corrosion and temperature resistance as well as other mechanical properties.

High chemical resistance

All ceramic ball bearings have specific advantages for applications with mixed-torque because they remain operative for a longer period of time than conventional steel bearing even in the case of lubrication deprivation.

Corrosion resistance

All ceramic bearing resist cold micro welding to other material which allows for particularly low adhesive wear. Certain application make use of conventional bearing almost impossible, For example: corrosive material resistance of all ceramic bearing allows for usage in chemical applications.

Thermal Expansion

Full ceramic bearing will remain dimensionally stable even at high temperature fluctuations.

Non- magnetic and current insulation

The non-magnetic properties of ceramic material prevent interference with magnetic field and furthermore acts as an insulator.