Why Choose us?


MAC MARKETING CORPORATION was established in the year 1987 and is a marketing organization highly specialized in the marketing of Rolling Bearings and allied products which find numerous applications in various industries, e.g.: Aircraft, Avionics, Helicopter, Missile, Satellite, Nuclear, Robot, Radar, CNC Machine Tool, Rolling Mill, Construction Equipment, Paper Mill, Cement Plant, Automobile, Textile Industry, Material Handling, Turbine, Mining Equipment, Defense Industry ,Oilfield Drilling rigs , etc. You name it and MAC has it

  • Assured high quality and dependability
  • Engineered to high standards
  • Tested under extreme conditions

Why Choose us?


MAC has something to offer for every type of industry from its varied product range which comprises of more than 20,000 different sizes and types of bearings, including Water Lubricated Bearings, Stainless Steel Bearings, Self – Lubricating Bearings, Slewing Ring Bearings, Ceramic Ball Bearings, Bearings for vacuum applications with dry lubrication, Hydrostatic Bearings, Combined Bearings, Wire Race Bearings, High Temperature Bearings and many more of these types, ranging from 1 mm shaft diameter up to 6500 mm shaft diameter. Large size is also available upon request including customized bearings.

  • Excellence in Quality and Precision Performance
  • Next generation products.

Why Choose us?


Bearings offered by MAC can also achieve a longer life thereby reducing maintenance cycles and shut down time. Standard Bearings, which fail frequently due to excessive heat or loads – this problem can be solved when you communicate to us about these problems and the Metallurgy of the Bearings after discussions with the Expert Departments in the respective fields of application and can increase the life of the same Bearing size. These longer life Bearings help a long way to ensure that your machines run perfectly for a long duration of continuous operation without having to change the design of the Bearing or Bearing in question. Our free expert opinion can be asked at any time to ensure peace of mind in your applications. Similarly, for the Aerospace Industry, better life Bearings with high quality materials can avoid situations of AOG (Aircraft On Ground), thereby ensuring safety and longer duration cycles in your application.

The following are implied to enhance the life of the Bearings:-

  • Better Liner Systems
  • Dry Lubrication
  • Specific Greases for high and low temperature applications
  • Better materials for the same Bearings to avoid premature failure
  • Higher Flying time for Aircrafts and Space Vehicles


Steel Industry

Machine Tools

Space and DeepSpace

Aircrafts, Helicopters & UAV’s

Construction Equipments

Cement & Paper Industry


Heavy Engineerng


Our Products



MAC offers the future design today by supporting your application to the next design level without change in existing design. The expertise for the latest technology in Bearings and Linear Motion Systems help your machines to perform better by improvement in the Product MAC will supply.

Our free engineering support has given testimony to many applications thereby helping Customers over exceed the targeted values of their Equipments for the performance of the Bearings by their individual Customer.

Please contact us for free engineering expertise for any of your applications, be it in improvement in design to change of Bearings without compromising the dimensions currently used by you. We look forward to your challenging requests at all times.

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