Steel Plant Bearings

Steel Plant Bearings



MAC offers widest range of steel plant, rolling mill & mining equipment bearing directly from the bearing manufacturer ensuring originality of the bearings which are offered by supporting certificates.


Widest Range Of Bearings

For Cold and Hot rolling mills (high temperature), Steel Plant, with some Applications as under:

  • Support bearings for Long Shaftings.
  • Bearings and Track Rollers for Sintering Plants and
  • Wheels and Track Rollers for Conveyors
  • Bearings for Continuous Casting
  • Bearings for Universal Shafts
  • Bearing for Rolling Beds
  • Roll Neck Bearings of Back-up Rolls and Work Rolls
  • Bearings for Straightening and Flattening Machines
  • Bearings for Trimming Machines
  • Ladle Turret Bearing
  • Cardan Shaft Bearings

Also available bearings for Sendzimir Mill, Lurgi, SMS, Mannesmann Demag, Wein United, Innse, Milano (Italy), Usinor, Mardick (France), Silmer, Marseille (France) Danieli, Udine (Italy), Pomini Farrell, Castellanze (Italy) British Steel, Solmer / Usinor, Kloeckner, Thyssenkrupp, Bethleem Steel, VoestAlpine, Boheler, etc.


MAC has the ability to offer a WIDE RANGE of the above TYPES of BEARINGS in STANDARD and SPECIAL, METRIC or INCH SIZES.



Most bearings offered by MAC are perfectly interchangeable with those offered by others bearings companies, matching overall boundary dimension.

Roller cages are made of brass material, machined, one solid or two pieces, riveted, according to the specific need/ application.

The manufacturing tolerances are in accordance to AFBMA, ISO, GOST standards.

Static and dynamic loads carrying capacity values have been calculated according to standard ISO 281/I and ISO 76.

In order to facilitate mounting practices, the bearing can be equipped with lubrication holes and channel, or with dimensionally modified key slots.

Bearings with special dimensions can be furnished upon request.




Back up rollers for leveler and straighteners can be identified as:

  1. Back up rollers without pin
  2. Back up rollers with cylindrical outer profiling and with pin.

With often the need for higher than normal geometrical and dimensional tolerances, it is possible to furnish backup rollers in P6 and P5 precision classes and to furnish them in factory preselected “H”

Section height groups for ease of assembly on the same shaft.

The specified radial clearance is usually the “normal” class as identified by DIN 620.

It is possible to furnish back up rollers equipped with ball or roller based thrust bearings,

With outside surface hardness value reduced compared to the intermediate or work roll so as to avoid scratches and wear, and with outside cylindrical profile having reveled or crowned ends.



Cylindrical roller bearings, offered by mac have one or more rows of roller, full complement or with brass or steel or plastic cages.

Main features are:



  • Very high load carrying capacities.
  • Inner and outer rings stabilized for high working temperatures (S3)
  • Adequate radial internal clearance (C3 or C5)



Load carrying capacities have been calculated according to ISO  218/I and ISO 76 norm


Bearings with special dimensions can be furnished upon request.


Bearings for rolling mill

They are subjected to very high loads and working speeds which are specified by the type of roll stand.

sp5In a typical roll stand a 4 row cylindrical roller bearing is used to take up radial loads in conjunction with a ball or roller based thrust bearing for the axial loads.


transfer wheels

Work rolls are generally replaced using cylindrical roller-based transfer wheels which require to be able to withstand very high static load.

The same applies for the vertical positions Wheel used for upper work rolls.