Space and Deepspace

Space has always been the frontier for the non-explore areas. This Segment of market requires not only sophisticated, but extremely reliable products having zero defects and traceability of the product supplies, including certification by third parties to facilitate the growth of the Nations capability.

Mac Marketing Corporation has been the pioneers for such critical applications since the past many years and has been always ahead in providing state of the art technology to its clients.

From free technical support to customized products, this has increased the confidence of customers as a one point contact for major Aerospace Bearings and Allied Products for this Segment.

The applications of such products supplied by Mac Marketing Corporation for the Space and Deep Space Industry vary from the launch vehicles, which include various stages of exit from the Earth’s Atmosphere to Satellites positioning in the Orbits in outer space.

Our Bearings find various applications in various stages of satellite deployment as well. It includes stability of satellite, solar panels, orientation of satellites in Orbit to name a few.

Mac Marketing Corporation can also supply Bearings with various types of Dry Lubrication and Coatings, which are critical for such applications for the challenging environment in Space including Vacuum.

Our Bearings also find use in critical Cryogenic applications and have been successfully implemented in various Space Projects.

Our Bearings also withstand harsh environment in Space which range from low temperatures experienced in outer space and high temperature during orbit exit from the Earth’s Atmosphere.

Bearings used in Liquid Nitrogen and hazardous substances in the Space arena can be provided for such critical applications.

Customization is given high priority in Aerospace and maintenance-free, high life, dry lubricated bearings operating at a wide range of temperatures, which are supplied upon request.