Sealed spindle bearings

Product Description

Mac Marketing now offers high precision high spindle bearings with seals on both sides for high speed , long life and to overcome premature bearing failures which are often associated with lubrication problems. The most common cause of lubrication problems are :

  • Contamination of bearings by water, dirt and debris due to inadequate washing or cleaning prior to greasing.
  • Selection of improper grease , as well as incorrect grease quantity for the application.
  • Contamination of the bearings during operation by the ingress of coolant and debris, during the spindle operation through inadequately designed spindle sealing.

sealed high speed spildle bearings

In order to alleviate the above problems, a newly designed bearing , sealed on both sides is used. These seals are made by bonding a nitrite rubber to a steel core.

These bearings and seals have been designed to create a grease reservoir which will ensure a long bearing life. Another particular problem that will be solved by sealed bearings is that of grease loss from bearings in vertical application.

These bearings can be supplied with steel or ceramic balls ready for spindle assembly .Installing sealed bearings in place of existing ISO10 ISO19 series bearings does not require any modification to existing components.