Linear Motion Systems

Product Description

Mac supplies a Speedy Rail beam in a heat-treated aluminium alloy profile with hollow cross-sections which makes it very strong under torsion and deflection stresses.Beams are then subject to a special patented treatment which provides a smooth, hard (700 HV) surface comparable to tempered steel.The fusion point of the non-stick surface layer (2IOO°C) permits an excellent resistance to welding splatters. For these reasons the Speedy Rail beams and components are widely used in the automotive industry to build transfer systems (lift & carry) for automated welding lines.

linear motion systems 3

Our factory supplies Other European car giants like BMW,Citroen, Jaguar, Mercedes, Renault, SAAB, SEAT, Volkswagen,Volvo, Ford and GM are using with satisfaction this easy-to-operate system.

linear motion systems 1                                                                                 linear motion systems 2

Features and User Benefits:

  • Wide range of linear transport
  • Quiet smooth operations  applications
  • Standard modular components
  • Resistance to high corrosion
  • All parts reusable                      
  •  Easy to assemble
  • Minimum space required
  • Saving in assembly time
  • Narrow profile                     
  • Strong, lightweight
  •  Hard surface                      
  • Savings in reducing drive size
  •  Resistance to welding splatters  
  • Only hand tools required  to assemble or modify