Combined bearings

Product Description

MAC MARKETING CORPORATION offers Combined bearings and mating profiled rail steel sections , for heavy load application having the following features.

combined bearings

  • Combined Bearings with inner rings made from bearing steel En SAE 52100 and Outer Ring made from cast hardened steel uUNI 16 Cr Ni 4
  • Combined Bearings are hardened and can take very high axial loads
  • These lubricated bearings can be easily removed and re-lubricated
  • Profiles are made of high quality steel in UNIFE 510.C with maximum length of 12000MM

Combined bearings can be easily supplied with profiles and flanges duly welded

These bearings find application in the field of Material handling, packaging machines, mining equipment, steel mill, forklift, transport and conveyor system, EOT Cranes, etc.

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