MAC MARKETING CORPORATION offers OILES 80 which is a polyacetal resin-base, bearing material, specially processed, and containing lubricating oil, which is uniformly distributed over the entire body.

Usable without lubrication.
Provides excellent load capacity and excellent wear resistance.
Superior in high velocity properties with co-efficient of friction being low, μ=0.05~0.1
Free from stick-slip and creaking noise.
A large variation of unique forms by injection molding upon request.
Parts suitable for mass production reducing costs.
more economical than oil-containing sintered bronze bearings.

Bearing for pedal support in which stick slip noise due to lack of oil should be minimised.
Where an oil-containing sintered bearing has been used but a cost reduction is desirable.
Where a bearing with free configuration like a ball joint sheet should be used.
Where a light weight design is required, including automotive parts.