Linear Motion Products




Mac offers the standard design is of 4 row angular contact construction in order to increase stiffness for a better, uniform load distribution in 4 directions. By the integrated lubrication system, maintenance intervals can be minimized.


  • Built in long life lubrication – low friction
  • No additional lubrication required
  • Lubrication saving
  • Clean and chemical resistant
  • Systemintegration possible

Ball Screw

MAC MARKETING CORPORATION offers High Precision Ball Screw Assemblies, backed by ISO 9002 Quality Assurance certificate, which have the following features

  • High accuracy, stiffness and efficiency.
  • Zero backlash, very compact and efficiency
  • Nominal dia. from 10MM to 200MM with lead of 4MM to 63MM
  • Accuracy classes of IT 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 as per DIN 69051
  • Metric and inch sizes in Standard and stainless steel material.
  • Rolled and Ground Precision versions as well as hollow type with PTFE seals.
  • Special type of flanges, rectangular type and many more.
  • Ball screws with special requirements upon request.

Roller Screw

A roller screw, also known as a planetary roller screw or satellite roller screw, is a low-friction precision screw-type actuator, a mechanical device for converting rotational motion to linear motion, or vice versa. Planetary roller screws are used as the actuating mechanism in many electro-mechanical linear actuators. Due to its complexity the roller screw is a relatively expensive actuator (as much as an order of magnitude more expensive than ball screws), but may be suitable for high-precision, high-speed, heavy-load, long-life and heavy-use applications.

Roller screw mechanisms are commonly incorporated into motion/positioning systems in a variety of industries such as manufacturing and aerospace.

Linear Motion Guides

The LM Guide (Linear Motion Guide) is our main product, which incorporates a component with a linear rolling motion into practical use for the first time in the world. It significantly contributes to the development of high-precision, high-rigidity, energy-saving, high-speed machines with long service lives.