FARO – Italy Combined Bearings have been designed to meet the technical requirements for any equipment where a linear motion is required. Namely: Fork Lift Trucks, Overhead Cranes, Ships for moving heavy equipment horizontally, Movement of heavy tools between Machine Tools, Track Conveyors and Heavy Duty Linear Motion systems. Oil Rigs (for moving Heavy Tools to and from well head) and Steel Plants.

FARO – Italy Combined Bearings provide the best resolution of the external load into its components: the radial load acts on the main radial bearing and the axial load acts on the side guide roller.

This system allows the longest life for bearing and profile, being minimised the specific pressure value between bearing and beam.

Assembling of FARO – Italy combined bearings is very easy: radial bearing and side guide roller are fitted in the bolt which is ready to be welded to the beam.

MAC also supplies matching standard profiles to suit all its FARO – Italy combined bearings. These Profiles are also available in Hot Roller Steel and can also be supplied with corrosion resistant protection. Thus making our Steel Profiles corrosion resistant. Mac offers a wide range of profiles for standard FARO – Italy combined bearings to jumbo FARO – Italy combined bearings with C Section and I Section for various sizes of combined bearings.

Mac also offers standard mounting plates, which we can supply along with the FARO – Italy combined bearings, which allows ease of mounting of the bearings in your assembly. Customized mounting plates as per Customer’s drawing is available upon request.

Mac gives flexibility to the Customer for getting the plates duly welded to the bearing free of charge, thereby reducing the errors done by the Customer while welding the bearings to the matching plates, thereby saving money and time for the Customer.

Please feel free to contact us and ask for a free catalogue for the various types of bearings ,profiles and mounting plates offered by Mac.