Cam Followers

The main feature of this series of rollers is the major thickness of the external ring, therefore suitable for supporting the high specific pressure and bumps which are typical in the use of these bearings as pressure rollers, cam followers, rollers for conveyors, bearings for lift truck columns.

Other Important Features:

  • Outer ring with double roller seal border, entirely machined in and accurately ground to adapt the machined in and accurately ground to adapt the bearing for supporting loads including axial components. The ring normally has a crowning on the outside to improve functioning conditions in the presence of heavy loads and to eliminate load concentration on the side the track.


  • Rollers with parallel outer surfaces can be supplied up on request


  • Inner ring with holes and channels for lubrication feed.


  • Ground crowns which together with steel seal plates which shrunk onto shrunk onto the outer ring from a labyrinth protection system.


  • Full packing of parallel rollers with ground flat heads.


  • Normal class manufacturing tolerance with possibility special precision as per class P5(DIN620).