Balls and Rollers

Chromium steel

Low alloy hardened chromium steel balls, they show excellent hardness, wear resistance, very good surface finishing and dimensional stability. They are used in precision bearings, in the automotive field, in the pumps and valves, in the browning, polishing and milling fields.

Stainless steel

Balls available in all stainless steels families and different heat treatment states, they are characterized mainly for the good corrosion resistance behavior. They are used in micro pumps for aerosol, in the foodstuff, aerospace, chemical, medical, military and naval industry.

Carbon steel

Low/high carbon steel balls, they can be provided in several heat treatment states that affect their properties. They are mainly used for drawers and rolling bearings, in furniture and bicycle components, in the burnishing, milling, polishing and tumble finishing fields.

Metallic Alloys

Balls made of brass, bronze, Ni base alloys (Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel), Co base alloys (stellite), wear resistant alloys (tungsten carbide, tool steels), special alloys with aluminum, titanium, and other not common materials. They are used in the aeronautical, foodstuff, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas fields.


Balls are characterized by good elasticity, compression set, aging and atmospheric agents resistance. They are used in hydraulic and pneumatic devices, as floating or sealing elements, environmental devices, in the foodstuff, automotive and medical field.

Ceramic Materials

Balls characterized by excellent mechanical properties, hardness, wear/corrosion/high temperature resistance and very good surface finishing. They are used in high-speed bearings, vacuum pumps, pumps in corrosive environments, high temperature applications, aerospace and military field.


Glass balls are characterized by good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and thermal stability. They are used in the shot blasting, polishing, grinding devices, in measurement instruments, in the pharmaceutical and optical field, photographic devices, ink cartridges, decorations.

Special balls

They are available plastic and ceramic reinforced balls, antistatic plastic, hollow metal and plastic balls, hemispheres, colored balls for decorations, magnetic balls, rubber balls with a core metal, ball blanks for specific applications.


Special balls with equatorial ring, they are specifically manufactured for surface polishing and tumble finishing.


MAC offers precision cylindrical rollers & needle rollers according to UNI/DIN standards and even according to customer’s drawing. They are available in a wide range of dimensions and precision grades, with gauges selected according to standard tolerance classes. Main applications are in automotive industry, bearings industry, aeronautic industry, sliders, aeolic field, vibro finishing, etc. We are at complete disposal for any further details on this subject.

Type of available rollers:

  • NRA rollers
  • NRB rollers
  • ZB rollers
  • TR rollers
  • TP rollers
  • Rod ends rollers
  • Conical rollers
  • Special rollers on request
  • Needle rollers according to UNI/DIN standards
  • Needle rollers for burnishing / vibro finishing / polishing


  • AISI52100/100Cr6/W 1.3505
  • AISI304/W 1.4301
  • AISI316/W 1.4401
  • AISI420C/W 1.4034
  • AISI430/W 1.4016
  • AISI440C/W 1.4125
  • Silicon Nitride Si3N4
  • Aluminum Oxide Al2O3
  • Tungsten Carbide