Aerospace Bearings

Spherical Plain Bearings

MAC MARKETING CORPORATION offers Aircraft Control bearings manufactured in Europe. The civil and military Aircraft manufacturers as well as missile and Satellite manufacturers use these bearings which are supplied as per the Aerospace/Mill specifications. MAC offered Aerospace bearings are from the manufacturers who are approved supplier of Aircraft Bearings and Rod Ends and Linkages.

Our range of spherical bearings including variety of bearings made specifically for critical application from various combinations of materials of the inner and the outer race to various clamping sprockets on the outer race for easy fitments for aerospace Industry without compromising on quality and precision.

Mac also supplies special bearings for the Aerospace industry including bearings for Landing Gears, Leavers for Gas Turbine Engines, Along with the special material leavers made out of Nickel Base alloy. The bearings fitted in these levers are with MOS2 dry lubrication.


Mac offers ROD ENDS with special materials including light weight Titanium material can be supplied upon request. Our Rod Ends sizes ranges from 4mm ID up to a maximum of 500mm OD. Any specialized Rod Ends can also be manufactured as per drawing in various material combination. Please feel free to contact us with your specific requests or standard parts.

Our variety of Linkages also include Turn Buckle and Connecting Rod having Rod Ends on either ends or shielded on either ends as per customer’s drawings and request i.e, strut assembly with rod ends. This could be supplied in anodized aluminum mid section (Fully machined and threaded inserts).

Spherical Bearings & Linkages

We also offer split balls metal to metal special spherical bearings for various applications

Integrated rolling element bearings with flange coupled to the outer ring makes assembly extremely simple and have supplied successfully various specialized bearings to customers seeking such products.

Our efforts have benefited many clients in the country to simplify their design and to use our products easily.

Aerospace Bushes

Mac supplies light weight aerospace bushes which can also be supplied as self lubricating bushes. The unique linear system fraslip which is fabricated along with tight woven fabric to synthetic fibre coated / saturated with unique with matrix of PTFE powder, high strength resign and special filters are ideal for application giving self lubricating / maintenance free operations and longer life. Hence this particular design provides high load rating, uniform wear and low friction.

Bushes can also be supplied in various materials such as stainless steel, aluminum titanium etc,.

Please feel free to contact us for any such requirements for your various projects.

Rolling Elements Bearings

The rolling element bearings comprises of wide variety of Ball Bearings including for slow speed actuator mechanism application. Aerospace quality Roller bearings are also available upon request depending upon the requirement.

Only integrated rolling element bearings wherein bearings outer race is incorporated into flange housing can also be supplied in fully sealed self aligned and with grease nipple for allowing ease of operation for the aerospace industry.